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I create one of a kind glass beads in an open flame. This is commonly referred to as “lampworking,” which is an ancient art medium. Each bead is individually made by wrapping molten glass around a 1/16th inch stainless steel mandrel. Imagine wrapping honey around a toothpick! They are then put into a hot kiln to anneal, which cools the glass slowly, so it's less likely to break.  After the beads cool down they are removed from the mandrel and cleaned of bead release. They are then ready for your creativity!
I use mainly Italian and German glass but I love working with all of the new reactive glasses available today. They are awesome for organic designs, which are my favorite!
My beads can be purchased here and in my Etsy store.
I create my sets with the jewelry designer in mind. If there is a set you have in "your" mind, with certain color combos, please feel free to ask me about creating them for you. However, please don't send me pictures of other "lampworkers" beads and ask that I make them. Being a self-representing artist myself, I find this practice unethical. Not to mention it destroys the very concept of “one of a kind” lampwork beads.
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